Outraged Dream SMP fans claim TwitchCon panel was a “disaster”

Zackerie Fairfax
dream twitchcon panel

The first day of TwitchCon San Diego 2022 boasted a panel featuring the wildly popular cast of the Dream SMP, but fans of the series were outraged after the event turned out to be a “disaster”.

TwitchCon returned to San Diego for the first time since 2019, and the three-day event kicked off with a panel featuring beloved members of the Dream SMP.

Fans anticipated a massive turnout as the Minecraft players each have millions of followers, and Dream – the largest of them all – had recently revealed his face to the internet.

However, members of the fanbase were sorely disappointed with how the Dream SMP panel was executed. Many claimed that the event was “poorly organized” and pointed out several shortcomings that could have been avoided.


Dream SMP TwitchCon panel: “He deserved better”

The panel was held in a room that seated ~400 people, a number that the fans – hoping to ask their favorite streamers a question – greatly exceeded. But this was only the first issue that Dream stans pointed out.

The most jarring issue was not how fans were packed in like sardines, but rather that Dream himself didn’t have a seat at the panel table. Dream had to sit on a chair placed off to the side of the table as there wasn’t enough room for him to fit on the panel, which also meant he wasn’t given his own microphone.

To make matters worse, Dream was cut out of frame when the panel began as the stream only stretched the length of the table.


Many Dream fans took to Twitter to air their complaints about how the panel was run. One user posted a photo of another room in the convention that could have been used to seat more fans as well as give Dream enough space to be behind the table with his friends.


Luckily, the cooking show held on the second day of TwitchCon was better suited to hold the large number of fans who had come to see the members of the Dream SMP. However, many fans felt Dream deserved better than the “disaster” of a panel at his first TwitchCon.

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