Hasan pops off on TwitchCon attendee for asking about Sam Hyde boxing match

Hasan raging at TwitchCon attendee after being asked about Sam Hyde.Twitch.tv/HasanAbi

Hasan’s trip through TwitchCon took an odd turn when a fan approached him asked for the streamer’s response to comedian Sam Hyde’s various callouts.

Hasan Piker has been on the receiving end of several viral callouts from comedian Sam Hyde, and the admittedly one-sided beef has now spilled into real life.

One such callout took place during the Creator Clash influencer boxing event, where Mr. Hyde made the bold claim that he was going to come to Los Angeles and “kill” his rival in his home.

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After that, all it took was one uninformed TwitchCon attendee to ask the streamer a question about the situation for things to take quite the serious turn.

Hasan responds to fan question about Sam Hyde boxing callouts at TwitchCon

Early in Hasan’s IRL stream walking through TwitchCon, the fan in question approached him and brought up the fight, asking if streaming star was ever going to accept the offer.

The topic turned out to be a prickly one as Hasan immediately shot down any chance of that match ever going down.

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“Dude, no. Why are you talking to me about some dumb*** weirdo nazi?” Piker said. “You think it’s f***ing funny, dude?”

The political commentator continued to call Hyde a “deadbeat loser comedian” and accused him of supporting a “nazi defense fund” run by noted alt-right propagandist Andrew Anglin.

Hasan ended the conversation by making it very clear that he would never entertain that matchup, and he dismissed the curious fan in no uncertain terms. “I don’t want to be around those f***ing losers, and you should probably conduct yourself a little bit better.”

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While that’s one fire that fans can definitely say has been put out in the influencer boxing world, fans can still look forward to matches like Jake Paul vs. Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva, and Deji vs. Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather at the end of the October.

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