OTK’s BruceDropEmOff blown away after hitting massive Twitch subscriber milestone

Emma Hill
OTK BruceDropEmOff celebrating 30k subs on TwitchTwitch: BruceDropEmOff

OTK creator Bruce ‘BruceDropEmOff’ Condones jumped for joy after he finally hit 30k subscribers on Twitch.

Twitch streamer BruceDropEmOff became one of OTK’s newest members in March 2022, joining one of the most popular creator groups in the streaming community. That was until Sodapoppin signed up, of course.

Before then, however, Bruce had already built up an impressive fanbase thanks to his Minecraft and Dead By Daylight streams. Subsequently, bringing his total number of Twitch followers to 833k as of writing.

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However, the GTA V player has just hit another milestone in his Twitch career after finally reaching 30k subscribers on the Amazon-owned platform and he couldn’t have been more delighted with the news.

BruceDropEmOff hits 30k Twitch subs

BruceDropEmOff was counting down the moment that he reached the incredible milestone during his livestream.

As his chat started to fill with sub notifications, Bruce’s excitement started to build as numbers quickly started to reach 30k.

When the subs finally reached his target, Bruce leapt out of his chair with delight: “30 f**king thousand! And that’s a f**king wrap […] Look at it!”

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His fans were similarly pleased for the streamer. Some of his fellow OTK members also shared their congratulations.

“F**king congrats man. That’s huge,” said Asmongold who co-founded One True King back in October 2020 with his fellow Twitch stars Mizkif, Esfand, Tipster, and Rich Campbell.

Rich also sent along his best wishes. However, Mizkif also saw it as a chance to poke fun at Bruce.

Bruce’s sub numbers continued to build up following on from the exciting moment. Given how quickly he picked up the hype to reach this latest milestone, it’s likely it won’t be long until he reaches the next one.

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