Sodapoppin joins OTK as new co-owner

OTK SodapoppinYouTube: OTK

OTK continues to grow as the popular organization founded by the likes of Mizkif and Asmongold has now added a new co-owner in fellow Twitch star Sodapoppin.

Two years on from its inception, One True King (OTK) has grown once more with the addition of another mega-popular Twitch celeb in Sodapoppin.

Rather than joining as a content creator akin to more recent additions like Emiru and BruceDropEmOff, Soda has a bigger role as a new co-owner in the company.

Revealed as part of a joint July 21 ghost-hunting broadcast, it was soon revealed that the now ‘OTK Sodapoppin’ was behind a series of in-character murders as he slaughtered the rest of the group while posing as Ghostface.

The 28-year-old Twitch personality currently boasts the 10th biggest account on the platform as he nears the nine million follower mark.

Best known for his efforts in World of Warcraft and now his variety content, the American is never one to shy away from voicing his opinion or toeing the line with what’s allowed on Twitch.

In fact, the OTK announcement comes just weeks after Soda’s latest Twitch ban in light of a controversial ‘blackface’ joke, one that he later apologized for and admitted was met with a “deserved” punishment.

It’s unclear just how intricately involved he may be in the day-to-day operations of OTK, but as a new co-owner, there appears to be plenty on his plate.

Despite being just two years young, the company is frequently adding new members, crossing over into popular games, and even teaming up with former WoW devs to design one of their own.