BruceDropEmOff banned from Twitch again only days after being unbanned

BruceDropEmOff on twitchTwitch/BruceDropEmOff

Popular Twitch streamer and YouTuber BruceDropEmOff has been suspended by the platform for a second time in 2023, only days after the previous ban was lifted from his account. He has responded, telling fans to “open their eyes”.

On January 27, former OTK member Bruce was banned from Twitch for suspension evasion. His second account had been suspended and he broke the terms of service by streaming on his main account after this.

The ban was indefinite, which meant no exact date for a return to the platform was provided, but it came a month later, on February 27.

But, his return to Twitch has been very short-lived, as his account is once again unavailable following yet another suspension on March 1.

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BruceDropEmOff banned from Twitch again

On his initial return to Twitch, he held up a sign that said “f**k dem…” and a box of crackers, which viewers saw as a “doubling down” on the reason he was banned initially.

Although the exact ban reason is not confirmed or disclosed, he has responded to the ban on Twitter.

“I really hope y’all seeing this sh*t for what it truly is… please open y’all f**king eyes,” he said.

Although it’s not clear what Bruce is implying exactly, fans have suggested that Bruce move to another platform: “where we moving tho kick or YouTube?” one fan asked.

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In a follow-up tweet, Bruce said the ban was caused by “spam reporting” over the incident of him holding the box of crackers.

offmepordecurb banned on twitchTwitch/offmepordecurb
Bruce’s main account has been suspended again.

The message on Bruce’s channel reads that it is “temporarily” unavailable – which indicates the ban is not permanent. Permanent bans typically use a different ban notification on the channel.

Twitch does not comment on community guidelines strikes to protect the privacy of users, so fans will need to wait for an update from Bruce on what is next for him, and when he’ll be able to stream again.

In related news, Bruce’s friend Kai Cenat broke the record for the most subs ever, on the same day, currently sitting at over 300,000 active subscribers.

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