BruceDropEmOff joins OTK as newest content creator


OTK have officially announced the newest member of the popular entertainment org will be none other than Twitch streamer BruceDropEmOff.

From Riverdale, Georgia, Bruce “BruceDropEmOff” Condones boasts over half a million followers on his rapidly growing Twitch channel, and one of the chillest stream intro’s we’ve seen yet.

His group of diehard fans branding themselves the “DEO community,” should swell the ranks of OTK viewers considerably.

BruceDropEmOff joins OTK

BruceDropEmOff is the latest streamer to join OTK.

Over the past year Bruce’s channel has seen a ton of growth in terms of subs, and overall viewers.

From streaming Among Us with rapper Soulja Boy, to his very own clothing line on the way, OTK seems to have snagged a great signing with an ever-expanding community.

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Why now, and why with OTK? Because, according to Esfand, the vibes were just right.

“I’ve known Bruce for a few years now, from doing some shows with him in his early days on Twitch,” OTK co-founder and owner Esfand said. “He comes from a different corner of the site’s community, but his sense of humor and demeanor fits right in with the rest of us in OTK.

OTK teased a ‘super secret’ announcement days before the news officially broke, with comments buzzing about a possible “addition to the OTK roster.”

Now, the cat’s out of the bag, and BruceDropEmOff is officially the streaming org’s newest member. All that remains to be seen is what he and the rest of the OTK crew will do next.

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