BruceDropEmOff unable to go live after Twitch bans alternate account

brucedropemoff banned on twitchTwitch/brucedropemoff

Former OTK member BruceDropEmOff has been banned on Twitch just one day after calling out Mizkif for sending him text messages that rubbed him the wrong way.

BruceDropEmOff made headlines recently when he announced he was leaving One True King less than a year after first joining.

The streamer thanked the org for everything they did for him, but shortly thereafter, he called OTK member Mizkif “weird” for text messages he sent him after his departure.

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Now, one day later, Bruce’s alternate account was banned on Twitch, preventing him from being able to go live on his main.

BruceDropEmOff on twitchTwitch/BruceDropEmOff
BruceDropEmOff has been banned on Twitch.

BruceDropEmOff banned on Twitch

Bruce’s alternate account, ‘offmepordecurb’ was banned on January 26, leading to much speculation as to why he was suspended.

According to Twitch’s rules, going live on another account when your main or alternate is banned is considered “ban evasion,” and Bruce would be risking further punishment by accessing his primary account.

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A similar incident happened with Asmongold’s back-up channel ‘ZackRawrr,’ and prevented the MMORPG streamer from being able to stream.

offmepordecurb banned on twitchTwitch/offmepordecurb
Bruce’s alternate account has been suspended.

Shortly after the ban, users on the popular LiveStreamFail subreddit began speculating on why Bruce was suspended, with some accusing him of using racial slurs.

A few viewers allege that Bruce may have referred to people as “crackers” – a derogatory term for white people. Use of the word has resulted in a few streamers being banned from Twitch, including Hasan.

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So far, BruceDropEmOff has yet to address the ban on social media.