OpTic Gaming signs Botez Sisters, CodeMiko & JustAMinx

Dylan Horetski
Optic signings

OpTic Gaming has signed popular content creators CodeMiko, JustAMinx, as well as Alexandra and Andrea Botez to the organization.

When it comes to popular female creators on Twitch, CodeMiko, JustAMinx, and the Botez Sisters are towards the top of the list.

The group boasts a massive following of over four million followers, with content ranging from Chess matches to IRL streams, to CodeMiko’s popular VTuber streams.

Now, it has been announced that the iconic Twitch friend group has signed with OpTic.

CodeMiko, JustAMinx, Botez Sisters sign to OpTic

In a shock announcement on August 24, 2022, OpTic Gaming announced that they have signed the infamous friend group in their latest announcement growing their list of content creators.

The group joined Envy back in January 2022, starting their first ever all-female content house in Los Angeles, California.

A few months later, CodeMiko and JustAMinx went on record claiming a TikToker tried to break into their house, throwing rocks at Minx in the process.

They were allegedly holding a party when the TikTokers’s attempted to enter the property, where they were met with resistance from the residents.

Envy merged with OpTic in November 2021, just months before officially rebranding their organization to OpTic Gaming.

That said, it’s unknown whether the creators will stay in their Hollywood Hills home, or relocate to Texas with their ‘new’ team. We’ll have to wait to see.