New competitive gaming “Creator League” launches with MrBeast, IShowSpeed and others

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A new competitive gaming league led by some of the world’s biggest creators, including MrBeast, IShowSpeed and Bella Poarch has launched. Here’s everything we know.

Despite esports and organizations struggling financially over the years, the esports and content creator landscape has continued to thrive in terms of viewership and fandom.

Tech company eFuse is looking to bridge this gap in a big way by introducing a new competitive league that “puts creators and their fans at the center of everything.”

YouTube’s top creator MrBeast announced the Creator League in his video on September 2, 2023, to his over 178M subscribers as he explained what exactly the league is and even how fans can get involved when it is broadcast live on 8 – 10 September, 2023.

Which creators are part of the Creator League?

Creator League Icons

The first Creator League season is set to include 8 creator-managed teams that will compete against each other in a range of games across a 10-month-long season.

The creators involved will all actively manage their own teams. However, they won’t have to actually play as part of the teams when the teams compete against each other by playing different video games.

Below are all the 8 creator managed teams announced for Season 1:

How can fans get involved with Creator League?

Announced by MrBeast himself via his video on YouTube, fans will be able to buy ‘community passes’ priced at $19.99, where they then can choose which creator team they want to support.

In a partnership with MrBeast’s Feastables, if fans purchase a community pass before September 9, they are able to receive a free box of Feastables.

The pass will allow fans to be able to choose their team’s rosters by voting on players within their chosen creator community and make strategic decisions.

community pass holders will also be able to compete for a shot at playing for your chosen Creator’s team during the season, such as through the first $50K three-day open qualifier on September 8 -10.

What is the Creator League Season 1 schedule?

Creator League Season 1 Schedule
  • $50k Open Qualifier (September 8 – 10) – A three-day qualifier welcomes all interested players to compete for $50k and a spot on their favorite creator’s team through playing 3v3 Zero Build Fortnite.
  • Creator League show launch (September 13) – A live, hour-long show will feature a team draft and live team voting to arrive at initial strategic decisions
  • League launch (September 19) – The league’s first competitive event featuring Fortnite
  • $200k First Split Final (October 3 – 5) – Fortnite split one playoff and finals with guaranteed payouts for all competitors, including fans who make the team

How long will the Creator League season last?

The debut season which is scheduled to be 10 months long will feature 4 splits which are outlined below:

  • Split 1: September 8 – October 5
  • Split 2: October 20 – November 24
  • Split 3: January 12 – Feb 8,
  • Split 4: February 23 – March 21

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