JustaMinx opens up on attempted TikToker home invasion: “Trespassing and assault”

JustaMinx opens up on purported home invasion attempt tiktokersTwitch: justaminx / Twitter: MinxMore

Twitch streamer ‘JustaMinx’ has shed more light on a terrifying incident that she calls “trespass and assault” after a troupe of TikTokers attempted to get inside her home.

On June 6, Twitch star ‘CodeMiko’ published a tweet claiming that a TikToker had tried to get inside the Epic House, where she and several other female content creators live together.

According to Miko, the TikToker had even thrown a rock at Twitch streamer JustaMinx after being denied entry.

The streamer said that the TikTokers’ reasoning for wanting to come inside was because they allegedly had used to live in the home.

JustaMinx has since opened up on the altercation, sharing her side of the story in a Twitch stream several hours later.

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Minx says that the Epic House was hosting a big party when the TikTokers rolled up demanding to be let inside the premises. “‘No, we’re allowed to come up!'” Minx recalled them saying. “‘We used to live here!'”

A huge argument ensued between the TikTokers, Minx, and fellow influencer Lewis. Minx shared a clip of the altercation, which occurred sometime after the rock was thrown — which Minx says was powerful enough to rip a hole in the screen of Miko’s window.

Minx later ran down to confront the group, who ended up driving away when things got tense. Luckily, no one was hurt, but the streamer says that law enforcement never showed up to the scene even after being called two times.

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“We called the cops, but they never came,” she explained. “Imagine if they were trying to hurt us? …they never came. After two f**king calls.”

Fortunately, everyone is safe and the spat was eventually dissolved… but this is far from the first time influencers have reported instances of similar behavior.

TikTok star Bryce Hall has uploaded numerous clips of CCTV footage showing strangers attempting to break into his home, while YouTuber David Dobrik claimed his meal delivery driver literally walked into his bedroom. It’s a scary world out there, but luckily, everyone in these situations was unharmed.