OnlyFans model films video with priest after he subscribes to her content

onlyfans model films video with priestTwitter/giuliavaneri

An OnlyFans model has revealed she filmed a video with a priest after she learned that he subscribes to her on the platform.

Italian OnlyFans star Gulia Vaneria has become the latest content creator to make a video with one of their biggest fans and this time the lucky subscriber ended up being a priest.

We’ve seen quite a few OnlyFans models admit to filming content with their viewers over the years, including one who even happened to be underage. But now, one man’s decision to abandon his status as a priest seems to have paid off big time.

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Speaking with The Post Internazionale, Gulia Vaneria explained how she ended up deciding to make a video with the viewer after discovering that he subbed to her on OnlyFans.

OnlyFans model films video with priest

According to Vaneria, after learning that one of her subscribers was a priest she immediately thought of potentially recording some content with him when he decided to leave the priest’s habit.

“I don’t think there is anything wrong with a former priest being one of my subscribers,” the model explained with her own feelings on the matter. “The idea that he has decided to publish content excites me even more.”

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Gulia Vaneria admitted to filming an OnlyFans video with a priest.

However, she’s yet to publish the video on her account and hasn’t stated whether or not she will be uploading it in the future. That said, according to Daily Star, for now, the model is keeping the priest’s identity a secret.

Vaneria isn’t the first OF star to let a viewer make content with her, but others have taken things a bit further, with one even creating a large quiz with the promise that she’ll let those who pass it have a shot at dating her.

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Time will tell if a priest ends up winning that competition too, but for now, it’s clear that at least one is in God’s good graces.

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