OnlyFans star sued by super fan’s ex-wife after he gifted Tesla as “revenge” gift

OF model alice irving posing for cameraInstagram/thealiceirving

An OnlyFans model has been sued by the ex-wife of one of her biggest fans after he gave her a Tesla as a “revenge” gift.

OnlyFans star, 24-year-old Alice Irving, couldn’t believe her luck when one of her richest fans made the bold decision to gift her a brand-new Tesla.

One day when the model mentioned that she needed a car, her super fan took action and decided it would be a good idea to gift one to her in the form of a Tesla.

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Unfortunately for the content creator, the man’s ex-wife wasn’t too thrilled with the expensive gift and took legal action against her as a result.

Angry ex-wife sues OnlyFans model over Tesla gift

In an interview with DailyStar, Irving revealed that she received an email from the fan explaining that all she had to do is pick it up from the Tesla center near where she lived.

“I honestly think it was done in revenge against his wife – I think he was like ‘I’m going to do what I want.’ So I went to get the car and I couldn’t believe it – I even took a friend with me in case anything happened,” she said.

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OF model Alice Irving gets a teslaInstagram/thealiceirving
Alice Irving won big when a fan gifted her a Tesla.

However, things soon went array when the wife of the man found out about the gift when they were in the process of getting divorced.

“I think his wife found out that he was giving me lots of money, so got jealous and wanted to divorce him,” the OF star added. “I don’t think it’s my fault! But that’s what he told me – she found out and obviously got mad.”

As it turns out, the wife was looking at her husband’s assets and wanted to claim the Tesla. After it ended up in Irving’s possession, she sent letters and lawyers accusing her of owing a bunch of money.

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However, Alice ended up selling the car, because its value increased due to a shortage of electric car chips caused by the global health situation.

OF model alice irvingInstagram/thealiceirving
OnlyFans star Alice Irving walked away with $85,000.

“So I made about $85,000 from a gift which I paid nothing for!” the model exclaimed.

“After that, the lawyer that the fan had sent me said there was no way his wife could get the money back as I’d sold the car one day before they officially signed their divorce papers. He covered the cost of the lawyer but it was really easy – there was no way she could have taken it back from me.”

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There was only one winner in this whole ordeal, with the OnlyFans star coming out on top. In addition to her massive income through subs, she even earned a cool $85,000.

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