OnlyFans model quits to become a nun after boyfriend’s family watched leaked content

Michael Gwilliam
Onlyfans model emy buono in water

An OnlyFans model says she’s quitting to become a nun after her boyfriend’s family discovered her content.

OnlyFans stars have made a fortune creating hot videos and releasing them on the subscriber platform, but sometimes even a lot of cash just isn’t worth family drama.

That’s exactly what happened with Italian OnlyFans model Emy Buono after her content started blowing up and her boyfriend’s family ended up watching clips that were leaked.

Now, she says she regrets joining the site and instead wants to enter a nuns’ convent in order to “find some serenity.”

Woman regrets making OnlyFans after family finds content

Speaking with Fanpage, Buono revealed that she wishes she never made an OnlyFans account to sell spicy videos.

“It didn’t protect me because the paid content I posted went viral and ended up on everyone’s phones. Some of this content was seen by everyone,” she said. “It even reached my boyfriend’s family, causing me significant problems. I was shocked.”

The model continued to explain that making these videos was “selfish” and when they started blowing up, she had an epiphany.

onlyfans model Emy Buono
Emy Buono has decided to become a nun.

“I didn’t think about anyone – not my family or my loved ones,” she repented. “I meet people on the street, they say indecent things even when I’m with my mother. I want to enter the convent to find some peace and well-being.”

To atone, she will be deleting her account and spending time at the Oblate Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus congregation where she may become a nun.

Her time on OnlyFans has caused a lot of strain on her family. According to Buono, she has “no relationship” with her father, and her uncle no longer talks to her. Luckily, her partner is supportive and remains by her side.

This isn’t the first OnlyFans model to have her life turned upside down by leaks. Popular NPC TikToker Pinkydoll even recently threatened to sue sites hosting her OF videos after finding them with a simple Google search.