OnlyFans model lets viewers date her if they can pass this bizarre quiz

Michael Gwilliam
onlyfans model lauriefvr dates fans

An OnlyFans model trying to find the “ideal” mate is letting viewers date her, but they’ll need to pass a special quiz in order to do so.

Have you ever wanted to be with an OnlyFans model? Now is your chance. ‘Laurie’ an OnlyFans star among the top earners on the platform is giving fans the chance of a lifetime.

Tired of not being able to find the right man for her, Laurie has decided to give everyone on the internet a go by creating a special questionnaire that they’ll need to fill out.

According to the model, she’s grown tired of always getting the same messages on Instagram and Tinder and has decided to embark on a journey to find a man who can both “fulfill” and “understand” her. So buckle up!

OnlyFans model releases quiz to find her new boyfriend

On the quiz website, Laurie revealed that she created the questionnaire to give fans an opportunity to “get acquainted” with her. She also promised to read all the answers she receives.

“It’s like Tinder except you actually have a chance,” she said on the top of the site.

The quiz itself consists of a series of random questions relating to finances, sex, hobbies, and general relationship goals.

Some of the more outlandish questions include: what’s your favorite position, are you a geek, what celebrity you’d have dinner with, your salary, and if you could make love in the room you’re currently in?

From there, she promised to make a selection of potential matches before moving on to phase two. Unfortunately, so far she’s yet to reveal when the next stage will begin or what it will consist of.

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Would you date an OnlyFans model?

Laurie isn’t the first OnlyFans star to try to be with a viewer. Notably, Italian model Michelle Comi let a subscriber make content with her, but only after filming did she learn her fan was actually underage, prompting a tsunami of backlash online.

Let’s just hope history doesn’t end up repeating itself.

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