NoPixel developer wants Asmongold to join Twitch’s thriving GTA RP community

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NoPixel developer Danny ‘DW’ Tracey talks about the impact Twitch has had on GTA RP and wants to see platform icon Asmongold join the server, all told in an interview with Dexerto.

For those who have been around Twitch for a while, you may have stumbled upon a peculiar Grand Theft Auto 5 stream. Instead of the high-octane gameplay of bank heists and rocket launchers, the streamer sits in their police car, responds to misdemeanor calls, and often lets fellow players off with a warning.

This is GTA Roleplay. Instead of being the main character in a thrilling crime drama, streamers take on the role of NPCs in Los Santos. They grill out with their fellow NPCs, work a day job, or skip out on their responsibilities to enjoy a trip to the boardwalk.

But what players unfamiliar with GTA might not realize is that these seemingly mundane tasks are mods developed by the team at NoPixel. And it’s only on these special servers that players can thoroughly act out the daily lives of NPCs. NoPixel developer DW attributes Twitch to the immense success of GTA RP.

Twitch’s impact on NoPixel and GTA RP

Dexerto sat down with DW, a developer for the NoPixel GTA RP server, to ask about Twitch’s impact on the server.

“It’s indescribable,” stated DW. “I think NoPixel doesn’t exist without the content creator community. We’re very lucky to be essentially the #1 provider for content creators in the role-play space.”

Of course, watching someone flip burgers doesn’t sound interesting, but DW gave his take on why players and viewers are attracted to a game like GTA RP.

“I think it’s the interactions. The fact that you can interact with people. The main point of the interactions is that you know that they’re there to interact with you too. So it’s almost like a game of chicken, of who can be the goofiest in this interaction. Who can create the most entertainment for their streams or their YouTube video – if they are a content creator.”

He also explains how GTA RP provides a safe environment for streamers to create content, unlike other multiplier experiences where their game can be ruined by stream snipers.

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But Twitch doesn’t only impact the game’s popularity. It also influences how NoPixel develops its roleplay server.

“We have to put the audience in mind when we develop features. I wouldn’t say most of the NoPixel players are content creators, but it’s definitely a large sum. And they’re playing on NoPixel for their audience. So, we always have to take into consideration what the viewers see and how they feel”

In turn, this leads to entire storylines being developed and played out by fans in real-time. “I think some of the things the community does themselves is mindblowing. With roleplay, it’s all about your imagination. Most recently, there’s been the Norman Bones storyline. Everyone is involved in the roleplay and the immersion just for that story.”

NoPixel developer wants Asmongold to join the server

Over the past few years, NoPixel has seen some of the biggest names on Twitch join the server and create incredibly entertaining content. Streamers like xQc and Summit1g have brought their personalities to GTA RP, if only for a short but delightful time.

When asked who DW would want to see join the server, he didn’t wait long before offering up one of Twitch’s largest personalities.

“I think it would be fun to see what Asmongold would be like on NoPixel. I’ve always told my stream it would be great if Asmongold was playing. I watched a bit of him playing the Rust community serve, and it was quite funny.”

Asmon has gotten involved in community games in the past, so it isn’t unlikely for him to be spotted on the NoPixel server. Maybe the OTK co-owner will make an appearance in Los Santos soon.

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