GTA RP NoPixel’s DW finally drops face reveal and fans love it

Smiling yellow face emoji alongside GTA rp characterTwitch: DWJFT

Popular NoPixel GTA RP developer ‘DW’ has finally dropped a face reveal, and it’s safe to say that fans are pretty happy about it.

Over the years, plenty of streamers and content creators have chosen to stay somewhat private by not revealing their real names or what they look like. Though, fans are always eager to dig deep and try to solve the mystery of what they look like.

NoPixel developer DW, who plays the Dean Watson character on the popular GTA RP server, has chosen to remain faceless for the most part – being represented by a smiling face emoji that wears sunglasses instead.

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Though plenty of fans assumed that his GTA RP character model is based on what he looks like in real life, that’s not entirely the case, as he’s finally dropped a face reveal to end the speculation.

NoPixel’s DW finally does a face reveal

That’s right, the NoPixel dev, who dropped his lucrative development job to work on the server and commit to streaming, posted a photo of himself on Twitter.

There was any grand build-up or announcement teaser like we’ve seen with other streamer’s revealing their face. Instead, he just posted a selfie of himself by his streaming set-up with the caption: “Better late than never.”

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The reveal, while a bit understated, has gone down a storm with fans and GTA roleplayers alike. “I want to kiss you,” replied GTA RP star Buddha. “Emoji man face reveal, lets go!” added a fan. “Better looking than your character,” added another.

While he’s dropped a face reveal, there are some fans who replied asking if he’ll use a face cam on stream. That’s unknown, and while plenty of streamers put their face reveal out there, they choose not to use a face cam for their lengthy streams anyway.