Noah Beck slammed for saying Andrew Tate made “valid points” in final message

Virginia Glaze
Noah beck under fire for andrew tate comments

TikTok star Noah Beck is getting slammed on social media after arguing that controversial online figure Andrew Tate made “valid points” during his “final message” video.

Andrew Tate is an inflammatory internet personality who has been banned from multiple social platforms, including the likes of TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and more.

His bans followed controversy surrounding his views on women, which incited outrage from multiple high-profile influencers like Pokimane, Logan Paul, and even KSI, who notably challenged the social media pariah to a boxing match.

He addressed the bans in a “Final Message” via Vimeo, where he announced he’d be continuing his ventures in a way that wouldn’t require social media platforms.

Andrew Tate Mariah Carey
Andrew Tate released his “final message” on Vimeo after being banned from most major social platforms.

While many online figures celebrated Tate’s ban, some were on the fence about it — including Noah Beck, who spoke out on the subject during a September 7 episode of his ‘Put a Sock In It’ podcast with fellow influencer Larray.

“I saw the clips, and people would clip him like, those ways, and then I saw clips of his final message,” Noah began.

“Did you feel bad?” Larray asked.

“It wasn’t even feeling bad, it was more of like, he just brought up a lot of valid points,” he answered. “You guys know how I am — it’s one of those things where I try to stay out of it, but you kinda have to hear someone out.”

Noah Beck removes Andrew Tate comments from video amid backlash

It appears as though this particular segment has been removed from the full video on YouTube, but Instagram tea page TikTokRoom shared the now-deleted section to their account…and viewers weren’t happy about Noah’s take on Tate.

Some fans accused Noah of “getting defensive on Andrew Tate’s behalf and perpetuating misogynistic speech,” while others called out the TikToker for “playing Devil’s advocate” on the subject.

“Cutting that out doesn’t erase that it happened,” one user argued. “The, ‘I grew up with sisters and am a momma’s boy,’ is a bit murky after this! You shouldn’t want to play ‘Devil’s Advocate’ for some who has heinous allegations and views on women.”

youtube comments noah beck andrew tate

For now, Noah has yet to respond to the ongoing backlash against him as fans continue to fill the comments section angry at his thoughts on Tate’s social media bans.

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