Andrew Tate slams “jealous” Logan Paul after IMPAULSIVE call out

Andrew Tate Logan PaulRumble: AndrewTate/YouTube: Impaulsive

Andrew Tate has hit back at Logan Paul during a recent video with his brother, slamming the YouTuber-turned boxer for being “jealous” and “weird,” after Logan called out people who give Andrew Tate a platform during an episode of Impaulsive.

Andrew Tate has continued to make headlines with his controversial takes on women sparking backlash from popular creators, although he’s been banned from multiple social media platforms.

Logan Paul is one of those creators, who recently revealed on his IMPAULSIVE podcast that he wouldn’t fight Andrew Tate because he “doesn’t feel like” giving him a platform.

Tate has hit back at Logan’s comment’s during a recent video alongside his brother, calling him “weird” and “jealous” in the process.

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Andrew Tate hits back at Logan Paul

During a recent episode of Emergency Meeting, Andrew Tate brought up the topic of Logan Paul’s recent comments about him.

After explaining the situation, Tate revealed why he believes Logan brought him up during the podcast.

“The primary reason is that he’s extremely jealous of our monumental success,” he said. “The second reason is that he’s jealous of our brotherhood.”

(Topic starts at 0:50 in the video)

Tate and his brother went on to explain that they think it’s “weird” that Logan is a friend of KSI, who’s been going back and forth with Jake Paul.

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“Does that even make sense? He’s just a weird dude. He’s just clout chasing,” Andrew said. “He doesn’t actually mean it. Logan is a man who says things because he thinks he’s supposed to say them… which makes him a coward.”

Logan hasn’t responded to Tate’s comments at the time of writing, but we’ll be sure to update you if he does.