Nmplol bashes Twitch’s inconsistent bans during ASMR yoga pants drama

Indiefoxx Twitter / Amouranth / Nmplol Twitch

Popular Twitch streamer Nmplol explained why he’s baffled by the platform’s leniency towards controversial figures on the site, especially when new ‘metas’ like the yoga pants ASMR trend form.

Twitch streamers go live everyday constantly on-guard against violating the platform’s TOS enforcement. But the company has a past with strange punishments that vary in ban lengths, which only leave streamers guessing at what caused them.

This has been a consistent point of concern with some streamers. But some controversial figures on Twitch don’t seem to get hit by the ban hammer when they push the envelope for content on the platform, Nmplol said.

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“The only thing that bothers me in this whole situation, is these motherf**king habitual line-steppers,” he said. “How many chances is Twitch going to give these people who keep habitually stepping over the line?”

The metas on Twitch have consistently shifted as the platform learns to manage emerging trends that could be problematic. In the last year, Twitch have been trying to clean up their site from possible legal knots, like music on streams and exposing viewers to sensitive content.

But recurring names tend to pop up when it comes to these sensual metas pushing the limits of TOS. While some people get banned for accidental visuals or audio on stream, Nmplol is perplexed by Twitch’s inaction towards others.

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“They ban people for less,” he said. “When you’re constantly trying to get away with as much as you possibly can. Because you’re trying to milk the same audience.

“This certain audience that enjoys that sort of content. You wanna milk them but you wanna say you’re not doing it, but at the same time you clearly are. And you keep getting in trouble for it, but then you keep coming back anyway.”

There are streamers baffled at the inaction from Twitch against those who skirt TOS without punishment.

Nmplol is skeptical about how many chances Twitch gives meta exploiters opposed to the regular streamer. So far, Twitch have banned Amouranth and Indiefoxx, two streamers that have massively benefitted from revolving metas. While the company didn’t disclose a reason, it’s believed that it has to do with their content.

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Now Nmplol and Twitch’s audience will see if this is a change in direction for the platform and if punishments to rule-bending metas will be more consistent in the future.