Twitch streamer nmplol has to “eat dandruff” after losing Asmongold’s Lost Ark bet

twitch streamers asmongold and nmplol on lost ark honing backgroundSmilegate RPG, Twitch: Asmongold, Twitter: nmplol

Twitch sensation Asmongold has a complex relationship with lady luck in Lost Ark, but it turns out he’s scored right when he had to – and now fellow streamer Nick ‘nmplol’ Polom has to eat his own dandruff.

In Lost Ark‘s Arkesia, having luck on your side can make or break your experience – especially when it comes to honing your items.

Honing allows you to upgrade your gear if you have the required amount of (very expensive) materials, however whether or not it actually upgrades is entirely based on chance. Asmongold has a pretty 50/50 run with honing, sometimes scoring serious new firepower, but oftentimes being met with the infamous ‘honing failed’ screen.

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Knowing his history with Lost Ark’s most frustrating mechanic, nmplol challenged the self-professed professional neckbeard to hone a Level 20 weapon – something he had a 6.90% chance of getting. Turns out, however, that nmplol will be eating more than just his words.

lost ark weapon item armor honing screenSmilegate RPG
Honing weapons is a pretty frustrating process; even when you’re Asmongold!

Asmongold wins Lost Ark bet against nmplol

After having picked his jaw back up off of the floor and celebrated his new Level 20 greatsword, Asmon was quick to realize that there’s a certain streamer who will be regretting having ever doubted him.

After wagering, “if you get +20 I’ll eat my own dandruff,” nmplol wound up on the wrong side of this bet. “Wait a minute!” Asmon cried triumphantly, flicking back to nmplol’s response. “Ewww, he’s going to have to do that? Oh my God.”

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Responding with a sassy “ONE TAP BABY”, with a screenshot of his new level 20 weapon (the file aptly entitled “nmp dandruff eater”), it dawned on nmplol that it was time to pay up.

“No shot,” he lamented. “Whelp I guess I need to find a comb.”

Whether or not Asmon holds nmplol to his word remains to be seen, but we can confirm it’s probably not a stream that we’re going to be watching…