Twitch streamer Nmplol hits out at “abhorrent” Camp Knut diet plan: “It’s horrible”

nmplol dietTwitch: Nmplol

While attending Camp Knut, Twitch Streamer Nick ‘Nmplol’ Polom voiced complaints over the abhorrent chicken-filled diet, a plan created by Knut as a part of Nick’s training regime.

In recent weeks, Twitch fitness streamer Knut Spildrejorde has been enjoying viral fame, largely attributed to his training camp attended by other content creators, such as Mizkif and Nick. And though Mizkif expressed his gratitude for Knut’s fitness camp and advice, Nick has taken a different approach.

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On a recent Twitch stream, Nick whines over the bodybuilder diet Knut forced onto him. “It’s horrible,” he yelled. “I have all the money in the world, and I’m eating f**king grilled chicken, rice, and broccoli.”

This particular diet prioritizes lean protein — and is a staple dietary plan for macro counting bodybuilders. Nick must eat this meal day on and day out. But clearly, the streamer hasn’t grown accustomed to the unlavish food routine.

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The content creator voiced his desire for more variety: “Gimme some salmon and asparagus or something.” He then continued on his rant, clearly influenced by his hunger. “This diet is abhorrent, I hate this f**cking diet so much.”

After the whining, Nick got ready to eat, remaining on-stream all the while.

While preparing, he strutted around the kitchen, frustrated over the scenario he’s forced himself into, while also nitpicking at the mess left by Knut. Pointing to a box of cereal, Nick said “look at this box. Look at this box of…” before interrupting his rant with a punch, sending the cereal box flying across the room.

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Nick punches cerealTwitch: Nmplol
Nick assaulted an innocent cereal box in rage over the diet.

The hangry streamer turned around, and stared into the camera — thoughts racing across his mind.

Viewers attempted to compliment Nick’s progress, stating he’s already lost some weight and is looking good. But the majority of kind words fell on deaf ears as Nick’s frustrations overwhelmed him.

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