FaZe Clan’s Kalei slams Twitch after ban for sexual content

. 9 months ago
faze kalei banned from twitch
Twitch: Kalei

FaZe Clan member Kalei Renay has been banned on Twitch – sparking a fiery response from the streamer, as the reason given, sexually suggestive conduct, came as a surprise.

Kalei has been streaming on Twitch for years, but in 2021 has enjoyed a substantial increase in viewership and followers, boosted by joining FaZe Clan as their first and only female content creator.

Average viewership on her stream has increased over 200% in 2021, but with increased attention also comes increased scrutiny, with Kalei receiving her first ban on the platform on October 13.

faze kalei kaleirenay interview
FaZe Clan
Kalei joined FaZe Clan in June.

Why was Kalei banned?

Kalei has revealed that the cause of the ban was, as Twitch describes it, “sexually suggestive conduct. Twitch does not publicly reveal the cause of suspensions, but does inform the broadcaster privately.

The FaZe streamer hit back, arguing “ALL I WEAR IS OVERSIZED HOODIES AND SHIRTS.”

Kalei highlights that she has a tattoo on her collarbone, which is sometimes shown, but no more than that. However, Kalei’s violation is said to have taken place in “public or private chat messages.” This means it’s not related to her on-stream clothing.

Sexually suggestive conduct on Twitch can include “explicit gestures,” “describing a sexual experience” or sharing related content.

These would be a violation of the community guidelines, which cover all facets of a broadcast, from language, dress, conduct, and content, whether it’s gaming, videos, or IRL streams.

The exact length of the ban was not revealed by Kalei, though expects it to be 3 days. She explained in a subsequent tweet that it will cause her to miss out on a sponsored stream and tournament.

Typically, Twitch bans last anywhere from 24 hours, up to 30 days. Indefinite suspensions are only for extreme or repeated violations.

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