Ninja reacts to Shroud’s surprise move to Mixer

Alan Bernal

Mixer star Tyler ‘Twitch.

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Ninja made his move to the Microsoft-owned streaming site back in August. Since then there’s been a ton of speculation on who could be the next streamer to file suit with a deal of their own to bolster Mixer’s growing reach.

Those questions were laid to rest after Mixer snagged one of the biggest FPS streamers on the internet by locking down Modern Warfare launch on October 25.

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The new face for Mixer received a warm welcome by Ninja, who said the “massive” move was going to be a positive step for not only the platform but streaming as a whole.

“Shroud making the move to Mixer is seriously a massive move for the platform and the streaming industry,” Ninja said. “Excited to watch more of his streams!”

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Immediately after Shroud announced his deal, Ninja had a brief greeting of “welcome brother” to the newest face on Mixer.

Notable streamers like former Cloud9 teammate Jordan ‘n0thing’ Gilbert, AnneMunition, Asmongold, TimetheTatman, and many more similarly celebrated Shroud’s surprise signing.

So far Ninja has been far and away the biggest broadcaster on the Mixer platform. Since his move, Mixer has been a more enticing destination for people starting up their streams for the first time.

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Even with Ninja exclusively on Mixer, it hasn’t really had a major effect on the site’s numbers. In fact, the amount of hours watched on Mixer has taken a dip since Ninja made his move.

But now that Shroud is there, he could open the door for a flood of viewers more in tune to his laid back approach to gaming – only expanding Mixer’s overall audience demographic.

Furthermore, now that Shroud is on the move to his new streaming destination, it could mean more collaborative broadcasts between the two star gamers since they can play off each other’s broadcasts.

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At the time of writing, Shroud has about two hours left before going live on Mixer for the first time and he’s already averaging 23,000 viewers.

Since his first broadcast will likely feature Modern Warfare, the hype for both the new game as well as Shroud’s new deal, along with curiosity from Mixer newcomers could result in a monumental inaugural stream.