Ninja fires back at Twitch streamer Kaceytron about playing with women

Ninja, Twitch / Kaceytron, Twitter

Tyler Fortnite star.

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Pop sensation Lady Gaga gave a humorous inquiry about the battle royale game in wake of its Chapter 2 release on October 16, which saw Ninja give his two cents on the subject.

However, it didn’t seem that Gaga knew who Ninja was – a matter that Twitch streamer “Kaceytron” took the liberty of explaining.

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In her heated explanation, Kaceytron brought up Ninja’s past scandal regarding his comments on streaming with women, claiming that he “doesn’t support women” and would never stream with them “unless it benefits him.”

That wasn’t the last of her comments on the subject, though, with the IRL Twitch star later claiming that she was being attacked by Ninja’s fanbase in wake of her comments.

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“It was and still is a shitty decision that he hasn’t retracted,” she wrote in a Tweet on October 17. “It alienates women and I’d hate to see Lady Gaga stream with him.”

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She went on to call Ninja’s wife, Jessica Blevins, “insecure,” deeming their marriage “fragile” and referring to his fanbase as twelve-year-olds.

Despite the backlash, Ninja was quick to challenge Kaceytron’s latest claims, reminding the streamer that he’s played squads with women and has even hosted multiple female broadcasters.

“I have literally played squads with multiple women after that article over the last year and a half, as well as hosted MANY female streamers,” Ninja clapped back. “I will continue to support everyone in gaming while you get baked on stream.”

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Ninja also explained that his divisive statement on streaming with women was made in a bathroom during a party “years ago,” and that his words were “completely blown out of proportion.”

While fans have no news of an official joint stream between Lady Gaga and Ninja thus far, it doesn’t look like the backlash from his past comments is dying down anytime soon – and Kaceytron isn’t backing down from her thoughts on the matter, either.