Ninja has perfect response after Lady Gaga’s roast “career-ended” him

Mixer: Ninja / Instagram: @ladygaga

Mixer star Tyler ‘Ninja‘ Blevins was shocked when singer Lady Gaga revealed that she didn’t know who he was, and he jokingly explained why this revelation “career-ended” him.

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Pop star and actress Lady Gaga sent social media into a frenzy on October 15, when she asked her 75 million followers on Twitter what the popular first-person shooter Fortnite is.

While Ninja offered to teach her everything there is about the battle royale title, the Mixer star was surprised when the pop icon didn’t even know who he was, and he had the perfect response.

Instagram: @NinjaThe Mixer star is one of the biggest streamers in the world, making his name in Fortnite.
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After Lady Gaga’s tweet about Fortnite went viral, Ninja cheekily replied to her using the titles from her songs to offer teaching her about the game by teaming up with the music star.

However on October 16, the singer responded to him by tweeting “Ninja, who are you?” which quickly caught the attention of the Fortnite streamer.

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Ninja reacted to the tweet while in the middle of streaming with Timothy ‘TimTheTatman’ Betar and told his friend: “Well… I just got career-ended by Lady Gaga, dude. She just tweeted at me and goes “Who are you?””

The Fortnite pro then joked that she must be living under a rock and exclaimed: “How do you not know?!” He then asked his group if the singer had children, and when they responded no, he said “Now I know why!”, referencing that a large portion of his fans are younger.

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The Mixer star eventually decided on what he was going to say to the singer, responding to her tweet with a simple “Ask Drake.”

The streaming giant was referencing the time when him and rapper Drake streamed Fortnite together on Twitch which broke records with over 628,000 viewers on his broadcast.

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It all seems to be in good fun though, as Ninja later opened up to his audience during his Mixer stream about the positivity of the singer tweeting at him. “This whole Lady Gaga situation just solidifies the Ninja redemption arc!”

When his friend asked him what he meant, the Fortnite streamer replied “I’ve been on a redemption arc for the last year” – a reference to his game-changing deal with Mixer, and his focus on reconnecting with fans.

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It remains to be seen if Ninja and Lady Gaga will collaborate, but it wouldn’t be too far fetched given the Mixer star has teamed up with celebrities in the past.

Getting tagged on Twitter by one of the most popular singers only further solidifies his position as the biggest streamer, and certainly seems like the redemption that he was looking for.