Kaceytron hits out at Ninja after Lady Gaga asks who he is

. 3 years ago
KaceyTron, Instagram / Ninja

Tyler ‘Fortnite, but it looks like in doing so he’s ruffled the feathers of another Twitch streamer. 

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The American singer songwriter has taken to Twitter to ask her 75 million followers on Twitter what Fortnite is, after seeing that the game had gone viral once again following the release of Chapter 2, and after Ninja offered to link up with her for a few games, she even asked who he was. 

Having seen the interaction between the pair, Kacey ‘Kaceytron‘ Caviness, who regularly streams on Twitch, decided to take a shot at the popular Fortnite streamer by digging up something from his past.

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A lot of Twitter users were fishing for a response from the Fortnite streamer.
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Kaceytron decided to make her own mark on the popular thread, just like hundreds of other users, and sent her own description of Ninja. 

“He’s one of the most popular streamers on the internet and he doesn’t support women,” she said in a tweet on October 16. “As he has publicly announced, he will never duo stream with any woman, I guess unless it benefits him.”

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The comments sparked a number of other users to make similar comments and while Ninja never responded directly to Kaceytron’s tweet, he did defend himself against people making similar remarks about his stance on streaming with women. 

“This interview was done in a bathroom hallway at a party years ago,” he said, responding to an article published by the BBC titled ‘Fortnite: Ninja won’t play with female gamers’ from August 2018. One user linked it in the Twitter thread. 

He added: “I have played with multiple women since then, and it got completely blown out of proportion. But gotta love people like this who don’t even watch me pulling an old article to prove a point.”

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Whether or not Blevins will link up with Lady Gaga in the future to play Fortnite remains to be seen, but given that he’s already teamed with the likes of Drake, Neymar Jr and others with mainstream celebrity status in the past, you just can’t rule it out. 

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