Nijisanji announces AR LIVE “COLORS” return after 2023 cancellation

Jeremy Gan
Poster of Nijisanji EN AR Live "COLORS"

Nijisanji has announced the return of AR LIVE “COLORS” after its cancellation in 2023, set to take place a year after it was originally scheduled. 

Nijisanji EN is set to perform its long-awaited AR Live concert COLORS after the event was initially canceled in 2023. 

COLORS was originally meant to happen on April 8 and 9 in 2023, however, was ultimately canceled due to “schedule delays” and the global crisis, as such refunds were issued for those who purchased tickets. 

But now, almost exactly a year from when it was meant to happen, 2024’s event will be going ahead on April 14. 

The 3D AR performance will be split into two stages based on gender, the Pastel and Vivid stages. The following are the Liver performing and which stage they are in. 

Pastel Stage

  • Elira Pendora
  • Finana Ryugu
  • Petra Gurin
  • Rosemi Lovelock
  • Reimu Endou
  • Enna Alouette
  • Millie Parfait

Vivid Stage

  • Vox Akuma
  • Luca Kaneshiro
  • Ike Eveland
  • Shu Yamino
  • Alban Knox
  • Sonny Brisko
  • Uki Violeta
  • Fulgur Ovid

For a majority of the cast, it will be their 3D model’s debut. Although, due to “health reasons”, Fulgur Ovid will not be performing in 3D, instead going ahead with his 2D model. 

The performance is set to take place online, with both openings for each stage streaming free on YouTube and Niconico. 

As for the full show, international audiences can purchase their tickets on Stagecrowd, Japanese viewers on niconico Live, and Chinese viewers on bilibili.

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