NIJISANJI posts major profit as VTuber agency continues skyrocketing success

Andrew Amos

ANYCOLOR, the company behind mega VTuber agency NIJISANJI, has posted a record profit in Q2 2022/23, according to Japanese financial listings. It comes as the medium continues its massive growth, with plenty of new debuts and events.

NIJISANJI is known for its vast range of talents, with more than 200 worldwide across all of its divisions in Japan, China, South Korea, Indonesia, and the West.

They’ve leveraged that growth to go “public”, becoming the first VTuber agency to be listed on a global stock exchange. That means their financial records are open for all, and their recent report for the Q2 2022/23 quarter highlights significant growth among their success.

The company posted nearly 12 billion Japanese Yen in revenue, or around $87.13 million in USD. This includes a net profit of 2.99 billion JPY, or $21.76 million USD across the last three months.

It breaks all expectations ANYCOLOR and NIJISANJI had at the start of the year, with their profit nearly doubling from the 2021/22 financial year to the current one.

ANYCOLOR is the only publicly-listed VTuber agency, having a spot on the Tokyo Stock Exchange as part of their Growth Market. The agency is looking to upgrade its status as a Prime Market company, highlighting its new-found stability and intent for long-term development.

The revenue numbers don’t stop there though. According to the December 15 report, each Japanese VTuber in the agency makes around 40 million JPY for the company every three months, or around $290,000 USD.

For NIJISANJI EN and its 26 Livers at the time of the reports publishing ⁠— taking into account the figures of recently graduated star Yugo Asuma ⁠— that balloons out to 55 million JPY, or around $400,000 USD. That isn’t how much each VTuber is making on average, but how much money they’re bringing into the company.

Most of this money is through “commerce” such as merchandise, but live streaming also makes up a significant portion of revenue. Live events, such as Meet and Greets and NIJIfes, also contribute to the total. It’s unclear how each stream is split between ANYCOLOR and its VTubers.

Despite the positive report, ANYCOLOR’s stock price has suffered significantly in December. It has fallen 45% in the past month to 6,520 JPY a share at the time of publishing.

It is still up 18% for the year, but the lifting of ANYCOLOR’s share lock-up from their earlier IPO leading to major selling activity, as well as Yugo Asuma and Axia Krone’s recent graduations, have seen it slide dramatically.

As for what the future holds? NIJISANJI is profitable and expects to grow much further. With nearly 300 employees on the books supporting the talents and growing the VTubing space, including through their Virtual Talent Academy, the ceiling is still yet to be broken.

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