NIJISANJI star Axia Krone graduates after long hiatus due to harassment

VTuber Axia Krone from NIJISANJIYouTube: Axia Krone

NIJISANJI star Axia Krone is graduating from the VTuber agency, effectively immediately on December 1. The Japanese star took a long hiatus back in August due to harassment, only returning to announce his exit.

Axia Krone was once a rising star of NIJISANJI Japan, garnering a huge amount of support over his first year of streaming for the VTuber agency. 

However he faced a targeted harassment campaign, which affected him deeply. While he shrugged it off for many months, it boiled over in August 2022. He streamed for one final time on August 1, before making an announcement on August 17 with his indefinite hiatus.

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“I’ve been reaching out to take legal action against defamation,” he said at the time, according to a translation. “The slander of my own streams and other livers that has been happening recently… I want to take time to properly settle this and restart my activities feeling great.”

He also mentioned he was not a fan of the atmosphere of his streams after debuting, with fans coddling him like they were his mother. He tried to change the tone over time, especially as attacks ramped up against him and his collab partners, but nothing really changed in his eyes.

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“I am just a streamer who plays games; don’t pretend to be my girlfriend and have strange dreams about me,” he continued.

After an extended break, Axia Krone would never actually make his return. Instead he would only break his hiatus on December 1 to announce his graduation, effective immediately, vanishing without a final stream.

“The reason is I felt it was difficult to continue my activities because what I wanted to do and the direction of [NIJISANJI] did not match,” he said in his own statement according to the translation.

“It was a short period, but I was very happy to be able to share the fun with many people. Thank you very much to those who have supported me until now, and those who have taken care of me.”

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NIJISANJI also released a statement, adding they accepted the reasons for his graduation and thanking those who supported him.

It comes after NIJISANJI reportedly filed numerous lawsuits against fans online for harassing and stalking their creators. The agency reportedly handled 88 cases across 12 months up to Sepetember 2022.