NIJISANJI’s first VTuber Tsukino Mito finally breaks massive YouTube milestone

YouTube: Tsukino Mito

NIJISANJI’s first VTuber, Tsukino Mito, has finally managed to break the massive YouTube milestone of 1 million subscribers, and it’s safe to say that fans are pleased for her. 

The art of VTubing has been on the rise over the past few years, with streamers from both Twitch and YouTube getting involved by having a virtual model or character replace them on-screen. 

When it comes to VTubers on YouTube, the first agency that springs to mind for many fans is that of NIJISANJI. They’ve been around since 2018, working with over 200 stars across Japan, Korea, China, Indonesia, and the broader West.

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A number of their stars including Kuzuha and Kanae have managed to break through the YouTube milestone of having over 1 million subscribers, and they’ve now finally been joined by the agency’s first VTuber, Tsukino Mito.

NIJISANJI’s Tsukino Mito finally breaks 1 million YouTube subscribers

Mito managed to join the 1 million subscriber club on December 12, almost five years on from her debut with NIJISANJI.

It’s taken her close to 1800 days to reach the massive milestone, which is quite the grind compared to peers like Hyakumantenbara Salome, who managed to do it in 13 days, and as well as English NIJISANJI member Vox Akuma

“Now, we have made 1 million people subscribe to the channel,” Mito said in her celebratory tweet. “Thank you so much for giving me such an interesting life!”

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Mito’s tweet about the milestone has blown up, with plenty of fellow VTubers and fans chiming in with messages of congratulations for the VTuber, including some peers from NIJISANJI and across other agencies. 

This included ANYCOLOR CEO Riku Tazumi, fellow NIJISANJI first gen liver Higuchi Kaede, as well as English members Vox Akuma, Luca Kaneshiro, Pomu Rainpuff, and Alban Knox.

Many are looking forward to what she’ll do next and just how big she’ll be able to grow up. Regardless, her years of grind have finally paid off in a big way.