Vox Akuma is the first NIJISANJI EN member to hit 1 million YouTube subscribers

Andrew Amos

NIJISANJI EN’s “Milord” Vox Akuma has made history for the agency by being the first English-speaking member to hit 1 million YouTube subscribers. Part of 2021’s Luxiem wave, Akuma shot into stardom rapidly ⁠⁠— taking him aback on his celebration stream.

Luxiem might be one of NIJISANJI EN’s most recent waves, but it’s home to their biggest record-breaking talent. Vox Akuma has taken just seven months since his December 2021 debut to break 1 million YouTube subscribers and make history for the group.

He is the fourth member of the agency overall to break the 1 million mark. Hyakumantenbara Salome was the fastest in history to get the golden Play button after her debut earlier in 2022, while Kuzuha and Kanae have slowly grinded towards and above seven figures.

Vox broke 1 million live on stream on July 23, and then very quickly fell back underneath as fans unsubbed just to see the demon lord’s reaction: “You’re all very funny but no please! Give it back! I had it, it was so close.”

Once all the Kindreds gave back their subs and he rose above 1 million again, the demon from the past gave a very heartfelt speech.

“I worked so incredibly hard this past year and it feels really hard sometimes. It feels like a lot of us ⁠— maybe it’s to do with the heatwave in Europe, or how long we’ve been going ⁠— but a lot of us in NIJISANJI have been really struggling recently,” he said. 

“It’s days like this I really remember why working this job is so f**king worth it. Why spending all that time and working that hard ⁠— I’m so glad that I reach anybody, but this many people? Look at how huge that number is. I can’t even put into words how many people that is.”

In coming to terms with the size of his audience, Vox looked back at what he’s achieved in these seven months. This is not just in terms of content creation and curating a huge fandom, but the amount of “good” in his community.

“I’m very blessed to be in a position where I can play games for a living. However, I think any content creator with an audience has the power to do a lot of good, and I’ve seen a lot of good come out of this. I’m looking back upon moments during my birthday, those projects where people said I had encouraged them to change and strengthen their mental state, all from having reached this incredible milestone. It’s kind of unbelievable how much and how far it’s gone.

“It’s incredible how much good we have the power to do and I want to keep doing it. Whether it’s that charity stream, or whether it’s just being a part of someone’s life and giving them something to wake up for, just anything, there’s a lot I want to do and there’s a lot I’m still yet to do. 

“I feel so f**king privileged. I really do. I felt that way when I first accepted this job and I’d be satisfied to stream to a tiny audience and make enough money to make it through the day.”

The record-breaking moment made waves off YouTube as well, with “Congrats Vox” trending on Twitter in the hours following the achievement.

The next in line for 1 million subs following Vox Akuma in NIJISANJI EN is his gen mate Mysta Rias, who currently boasts 816,000 subscribers.

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