NICKMERCS roasts TimTheTatman for “holding him back” in Apex Legends Ranked play

NICKMERCS / TimTheTatman

Popular streamer NICKMERCS is widely known for teaming up with TimTheTatman and Cloakzy on games like Call of Duty and Apex Legends. Unfortunately for him, that doesn’t mean he never regrets it. 

NICKMERCS may be somewhat new to the Apex Legends world after announcing he is temporarily leaving Warzone, but there’s no doubt that some of his FPS talents have translated over to the futuristic battle royale game.

Since the switch from Warzone, Nick – as well as his teammates TimTheTatman and Cloakzy – have seen viewership numbers that place the trio in the top ten list of Apex Streamers on Twitch. 

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What stands out the most when it comes to watching TimTheTatman is how often he dies in games. Whether it be fall damage, losing in a shoot out or not getting a crown in Fall Guys, TimTheTatman is used to taking on the character of ‘scapegoat’ in a team.

Bangalore Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment/Shrugtal
Apex Legends Season 10 has brought lots of big Twitch and YouTube streamers back to the game.

NICKMERCS & TimTheTatman chasing Apex Diamond rank

In an August 9 stream, it seems as if nothing has changed on that front. 

While in a shootout with enemy players, Nick, Tim and Cloakzy get squad wiped and lose the match during their quest to reach Diamond rank in Apex Legends. 

Right after, Nick says “F**k” while glaring at the camera and you can hear TimTheTatman in the background saying: “I didn’t know you were down, down”. When they finally leave the lobby and Nick sees they lost rank points, he smacks his forehead repeatedly.

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NICKMERCS being held back?

While the team waits in the queue for a new ranked match, NICKMERCS goes on a rant about his teammates, claiming he’s being held back by them.

“I am going into these matches under the assumption that I am going to climb in diamond. I messed up.”

Then, it turned into a meme

Soon after, Nick took to Notepad to express his emotions. “This used to help me back in high school,” he joked. 

As the FaZe Clan star switches the screen over to show it, he proceeded to type: “You are not gonna climb diamond with Tim” repeatedly.

With many typos in his sentences, this leads to him smashing the keyboard and yelling “F**k!”. 

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While the future of the team might have been in doubt for a few hilarious moments, there’s no doubt that they will reunite again in the Apex Games.

Maybe someday, they will hit Diamond rank together, but not at this rate.