New DOOM mod lets you screenshot NFTs instead of fighting demons

nft doom modTwitter, idTechpics

A new DOOM mod is getting a lot of attention, as someone decided to take a jab at NFTs – replacing the game’s demons with NFTs and the user’s gun with a camera, so that you can screenshot them.

Doom II: Hell on Earth was released in 1994, decades before the advent of cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). But the game’s recipe of eviscerating hellspawn with big guns has lived on.

Now, a modder by the name of Ultraboi is bringing Doom II all the way up to speed in 2021. It’s the same old graphics, same old gameplay, but with a very topical twist.

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In this new, digital world, Ultraboi isn’t worried about killing demons. Instead, the threatening monsters are NFTs and to defeat them you must simply take their picture (without asking). It’s a bold, divisive concept and people are boldly divided.

NFT Doom: A new mod for a new trend

Practically since the dawn of NFTs, people have angered their owners by screenshotting them. While some hope to make money off of the blockchain-linked digital art, others simply want to steal the “.jpegs” for themselves. 

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But, if replying to someone’s tweet saying that you screenshot their NFT wasn’t enough – how about killing them in a virtual world? As you can see in the video of Ultraboi’s NFT Doom, that dream (or, maybe more appropriately, nightmare) is now a reality.

Sharing and discussing the game, people have clarified that it is “not a real NFT.” Instead, ‘idTechpics’ explained that “this is a satire mod that’s making fun of NFTs” and that “NFTs are a scam.”

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As an unbiased news source, we have no horse in the race between NFT owners and screenshotters. But, in the replies to a tweet about the new game, that race has gotten fairly combative.

Fortunately, some users are more interested in gameplay integrity. As one user explained, there is a keybind setting you can use to make the experience feel more realistic: “Changed my fire button to right click for this mod.”

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