NELK Kyle explains why he didn’t want Bob Menery drama to be public

NELK Kyle sitting in black hoodie talking to mic and cameraYouTube: FULL SEND/NELK

NELK Boys’ Kyle Forgeard revealed that he’d gotten a new level of “hate” from viewers over the drama with Bob Menery, admitting that he did not want to get into a public back-and-forth. 

The NELK Boys have taken over the YouTube world over the last few years, and have started dominating on the podcast side of things too with their FULL SEND show. 

It started out as a podcast steered by the original members of the YouTube collective before others were brought on – including Bob Menery. The comedian became a fixture on the podcast until June, when he suddenly disappeared from episodes. 

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Things boiled over into a public falling out on October 2nd, when the comedian hit out at the YouTubers, claiming they owed him a fair bit of money. NELK’s Kyle hit back at those claims, stating that Bob had been paid up in full and dismissed part of the ongoing drama. 

NELK Kyle reveals hate from Bob Menery drama

Though, things haven’t quite died down just yet. During the October 17 episode of the FULL SEND podcast, Forgeard addressed the situation again, admitting that he did not want to have a public slinging match with his former co-host. 

“That really ate me up for a whole week,” Kyle said. “When Bob posted that TikTok, I was just like dude, what the f**k? That, to me, was something I did not want to do and I did not enjoy doing at all.”

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The YouTuber added that as a result of his response, he started seeing a new level of hate in comments from viewers. “Just like all the hate that comes in, it’s something that I’ve never really experienced,” he added. 

“All our comments are like ‘this video sucks, this video is not funny’ but this one was different because it was like personal attacks on me, which I was not used to like ‘you’re a snake, you f**ked your boy’ and then you kind of like believe it for a second, so I had to take a step back,” he continued. 

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Kyle claimed that, despite their drama, nobody had more “love and interest” in seeing Bob succeed than himself. 

It remains to be seen if the two will ever patch things up, but this is the internet and nothing can really be ruled out – no matter how bad things might get.