NELK Boys’ Kyle blast Bob Menery over “lies” about owed money from FULL SEND

NELK Kyle and Bob Menery talking into microphone looking at cameraInstagram: Kyle/YouTube: Bob Menery

NELK Boys’ Kyle Forgeard has hit back at Bob Menery’s claims regarding his exit from the FULL SEND Podcast, claiming that the former host is not owed any money and is fully paid up.

Over the last couple of years, YouTube has become home to plenty of messy break-ups – between both actual couples and content collectives.

On October 3, things around the FULL SEND break-up between Bob Menery – known for his viral sports commentary parodies – and the NELK Boys – a YouTube group known for their pranks and wild videos – got pretty messy.

Menery, who exited the podcast back in June, hit out at the group for ‘sliting his throat’ with the way they treated his departure and claimed that he was owed thousands for his work. Though, NELK’s Kyle Forgeard has now disputed that.

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NELK Kyle responds to Bob Menery’s FULL SEND exit claims

A few days after Menery put out his viral TikTok, Forgeard took to Instagram stories to tell his side of things, claiming that Menery had been paid around $1.2 million for his work.

“Bob is saying on social media that we owe him money. That’s a lie. We don’t owe Bob Menery a cent,” the YouTuber started. “He’s also saying he the worst deal, a terrible deal for the podcast but guys, in the 10 months he was on the show, he made $1.2m. $1.2m in 10 months.”

Forgeard also disputed Menery’s claims of building the show with his guests, noting that team FULL SEND got the “majority” of guests, while even Dana White pitched in with some big names.

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The YouTuber further claimed that, at one point, the former host threw a new contract at them and decided to hold out on appearing on shows, which led to the split.

“Instead of showing up, he took to social media so quick and just started posting s**t about me, just blasting me, posting lies,” Kyle added. “And to me, right there, like that was the final straw. I felt so taken advantage of and so disrespected from someone that was supposed to be my friend.”

He also disputed a claim about splits in revenue, showing the contract signed between the two parties, stating that they both agreed to a 50/50 share.

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Instagram: Kyle
Forgeard posted a part of the contract between himself and Menery.

As with most disputes about money on the internet, this probably isn’t going anyway anytime soon, but it seems unlikely there will be a reconciliation between the two either.