Bob Menery claims “clown ass” NELK Boys owing him thousands after Full Send exit

Bob Menery talking into mic on ripper magoos podcastYouTube: Bob Menery

Bob Menery has hit out the NELK Boys and the FULL SEND podcast crew for owing him money and the way they’ve treated him since his exit.

The NELK Boys’ FULL SEND podcast has grown to become one of the most popular podcasts around, as the YouTube collective have spread their wings beyond the wild prank videos that they became so well known for.

In June though, the podcast underwent a big change when Bob Menery – one of the original hosts – exited the group under mysterious circumstances. There have been plenty of rumors about why the comedian went his separate ways, but nothing has been confirmed by either side.

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Menery, who rose to internet fame through his sport commentary videos, has since launched his own podcast but isn’t at all pleased with how he’s been treated by his former podcast hosts in the aftermath, claiming he’s also owed some serious money.

Bob Menery blasts NELK Boys as he’s owed thousands

While he’s been reluctant to really address his exit from the FULL SEND podcast, Menery hit out at the show in a TikTok that he posted on October 2nd.

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“I was told one thing and didn’t get it, I was f**king lied to. On top of things that weren’t in contracts and whatever, I was still f**ked. I was still f**ked where we had a certain deal where money was supposed to come in, and guess what? I didn’t, and I had to bring it up,” Menery said, noting figures of up to $60,000.

“Y’all f**ked me, so here is the deal. Pay me the rest of my money that is owed and at the end of the day, you can still keep your promise that I own 30% of the show long-term, you can still keep that promise, but that promise is out the window. I’m not afraid of any repercussions, you guys f**ked me.”

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Menery further added that he got his “throat slit” in the exit from the show and that was taken advantage of when building the show.

As it stands, none of the NELK Boys have responded to the claims, nor has Menery offered an update. It remains to be seen what’ll happen.

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