NELK Boys Bahamas cruise ends in disaster after being kicked off in 1 day

Jacob Hale
NELK Boys standing in front of cruise ship
Instagram: nelkboys

YouTube stars the NELK Boys were kicked off of a four-day cruise in the Bahamas after spending just one night on board.

The NELK Boys have never been afraid to overstep the line for the good of content. Their pranks when they first started to blow up set new standards for what YouTube fans want from prank channels.

More recently, NELK content has taken a more adult turn towards partying, alcohol, and general debauchery, and it’s often landed them in hot water.

Shortly after posting to Instagram calling for two fans to join them on their cruise on November 27, they posted once again to say that they had been removed.

nelk boys with girls
Instagram: nelkboys
The NELK Boys have never been afraid to ruffle some feathers.

Early on November 28, the official NELK Boys Instagram confirmed that they had been kicked off the cruise, with footage and images from their final moments.

It’s not made clear why exactly they were kicked off, though that will likely be revealed in a YouTube video down the line.

What is included in some of the clips already posted online is the entire NELK Boys cohort being escorted off the cruise by security, as well as some angry-looking people berating them before being kicked off.


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The NELK crew clearly weren’t too upset about being kicked off, but made sure to keep their fans updated on Instagram.

Viewers shouldn’t have to wait long to see the YouTube video and find out exactly why they were kicked off the Bahamas cruise, but it’s no doubt one fans will want to watch.