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Neekolul and 100T’s JhbTeam sit down for world’s most awkward interview

Published: 16/Oct/2020 19:52 Updated: 17/Oct/2020 7:37

by Virginia Glaze


TikTok star and 100 Thieves member ‘Neekolul’ sat down for an interview with the org’s intern, ‘JhbTeam,’ resulting in one of the most hilariously awkward pieces of internet content we’ve seen yet.

Neekolul skyrocketed to fame earlier this year after her “Okay Boomer” TikTok took off across social media, becoming a viral sensation almost overnight.

Since then, Neekolul — real name Nicole — has solidified herself among the elite of the net’s content creators, and has signed with none other than esports giant 100 Thieves in yet another huge move.

The organization has since started a new interview series with its intern, JhbTeam, whose unique style resulted in a downright hilarious conversation between himself and Neekolul for its pilot episode.

The first video in the series, titled “TBH with JHB,” tasked Neekolul with answering a series of awkward questions, such as: “How does it feel to have this much of a following on a platform?”

Neekolul’s forthcoming answer was something that no one expected: “It’s cool. You know, you can say almost anything and someone’s gonna like your tweet. You could say like, ‘I like to eat s**t,’ and people are like, ‘Yeah!’”

However, Neeko didn’t have an answer for “Why do you have a boyfriend?” leaving Jhb giving her an humorously intense staredown as she scrambled to address the random question.

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Joined @100thieves 🤍💯💥💫✨

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That being said, Neeko was totally down to turn the tables and ask Jhb a few questions, one of which included: “If you could have any superpower, what would it be?”

It seems that Jhb’s response of, “Flying, so I could come see you,” didn’t go over so well, with the star giving an understandable “WTF” look at his reply — which senior producer ‘rufhaus’s’ editing skills made into a truly funny moment.

Amid the ensuing hijinks with Jhb, Neeko did admit that her rise to internet stardom wasn’t a piece of cake, with many criticizing her for reaching fame so quickly and doubting her abilities (although that was about the only serious moment throughout the entire interview).

While fans probably didn’t learn anything totally new about Neeko in this video (aside from her favorite primary color, which is blue), it’s definitely worth a watch for viewers looking to have a laugh as they watch their favorite influencer scramble for answers in the face of a gut-bustingly awkward interview session.

Who can we expect to see on TBH with JHB in the future?

Although Neekolul was just the first guest on 100 Thieves’ new show, Jhb did let fans in on what other guests could be making an appearance in his famously awkward series later on.

“Basically, people that are close in the gaming scene/community and are recognizable to fans,” Jhb revealed. “I want to make sure the guests know who I am in a sense of not making them uncomfortable, and that they know how awkward I am.”

JHB as seen during a YouTube video.
YouTube: JhbTeam
Jhb is 100 Thieves’ intern, who boasts a successful YouTube channel and Twitch stream where he collaborates with other big names in the gaming space.

That’s not all; he even dropped a few potential names, most notably CallMeCarson, Jordan Fisher, Hitchariide and even 100 Thieves founder, Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag.

“We honestly have no idea who to have on next,” he added. “I definitely want to have Nadeshot on the show, as I see it as one of the most iconic ones that we’ll make, but as of right now, we have no idea. I mainly want to have 100 Thieves creators on, but in the meantime, no idea.”

Who knows who will be featured on the show next? Not even Jhb himself is sure; but that just means that the possibilities are endless.


Week’s biggest drama: Jake Paul in hospital, Kanye on Joe Rogan, more

Published: 30/Oct/2020 23:43

by Georgina Smith


This week has certainly seen some insane drama spring from the world of the internet, and beyond. From the internet-breaking episode of Joe Rogan’s podcast with none other than Kanye West, down to some serious allegations involving huge TikTokers like Zoe Laverne and Tayler Holden, the world of social media has not been given a chance to slow down all week. Here we’ll catch you up on some of the most significant news this side of October.

So… What’s brewing?

Jake Paul hospitalized ahead of Mike Tyson fight

YouTube: Jake Paul / Instagram: Mike Tyson
People were concerned that Jake may not be fit to compete.

Who’s involved? Jake Paul, YouTuber and former Team 10 leader, is no stranger to the world of boxing, having already fought with KSI’s little brother Deji as part of the record-breaking fight event between Logan Paul and KSI. He’s set to take part in an exhibition fight with ex-NBA star Nate Robinson on November 28.

What’s the tea: In an October 29 press conference, Jake appeared from a hospital room claiming that he’d gone to “get a little check up”, leaving journalists understandably taken aback. According to the YouTuber, he punched a hole through a car as part of “a little morning practice.”

However, many fans speculated that he had a black eye and potentially some damage to his nose too, thanks to his conspicuous use of a mask. Though whether he was actually trying to conceal it, or intentionally generate rumors is unclear.

The bizarre incident has left people questioning whether the social media star will show up for the scheduled fight, or whether he’ll bottle it at the last minute.

Read the whole story here.

Charli and Dixie D’Amelio slam claims they cheated in Mr Beast’s Creator Games

The D'Amelio family in Mr Beast's Creator Game
YouTube: MrBeast
The D’Amelio’s came under fire for having an “unfair advantage.”

Who’s involved? Charli and Dixie D’Amelio are two of the biggest stars on TikTok, with a combined total follower account of 137 million. Along with their parents, they also make family YouTube videos, and entered Mr Beast’s Creator Games as a team.

What’s the tea? The D’Amelio family ended up winning Mr Beast’s Creator Games, that saw some of the biggest names in the world of social media pitted against each other to win a trivia contest. While only Charli and Dixie originally were billed to participate, fans were surprised when their parents showed up along with them.

Many claimed that they had an unfair advantage being in a group of four people when other teams only had one, but in the final round, it was only Dixie who was competing.

Topic starts at 8:42

On their podcast, the two sisters slammed critics who claimed they had an unfair advantage, and called out those who were circulating an image that falsely made it appear as though they were looking at answers on their phone during a round. In response to the backlash, Dixie said “I didn’t think winning a contest would ever come with so much hate.”

Read the whole story here.

TikToker Zoe Laverne admits she “caught feelings” for a minor.

TikTok star Zoe Laverne
Instagram: Zoe Laverne
Zoe explained that she and Connor have separated.

Who’s involved? Zoe Laverne is a TikTok star with over 17 million followers on the app. She’s primarily known for her lip syncing and dance content, much akin to some of the other hugely popular creators in the TikTok community.

What’s the tea? Fans were shocked when accusations emerged from ex-boyfriend Cody Orlove and Amber VanPelt via DM that implied 19-year-old Zoe had been inappropriately involved with 13-year-old, and videos emerged shortly after that showed them kissing.

Zoe eventually released a statement on her Instagram in which she said her and the minor “never had a relationship but we did catch feelings for each other after being so close. These videos were from months ago and we both realized it was wrong and we both cut it off.”


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posted by #zoelaverne she also admits her and conner caught feelings for each other at one point😬

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She also said “I am aware that I am an adult and I am aware that I have done something wrong and I am very sorry for what I have done,” and announced that her and the teen in question would be going live together soon to explain themselves.

Read the whole story here.

Kanye West finally appears on Joe Rogan’s podcast

Joe Rogan Kanye West interview
Joe Rogan Experience
The long awaited interview between the pair was finally made possible.

Who’s involved? Joe Rogan is a hugely popular podcaster, who regularly interviews huge names such as Elon Musk and Miley Cyrus. Kanye West is the latest on the star studded guest list, a famous rapper as well as an entrepreneur.

What’s the tea? After Joe Rogan announced that he would finally be doing a podcast with the musician, fans were left shattered when he announced that due to a staff member testing positive for a virus, he would have to cancel a week’s worth of podcasts – including Kanye’s.

However, the pair managed to work it out, and surprised everyone when they revealed that they would in fact be able to do the podcast.

Topic starts at 3:53

The conversation was fascinating for both fans and non-fans, and Joe even went in to question Kanye over his “calling to be the leader of the free world.” His reply was that “I manifest, I see things, I’m a great leader because I listen, and I’m empathetic, I feel the entire Earth, and I feel us as a species, as the human race.”

Read the whole story here.

Tayler Holder addresses merch controversy with Corey La Barrie’s family

Tayler Holder, Corey La Barrie
Instagram: Tayler Holder/ Instagram: Corey La Barrie
Many people were furious and upset that this incident had been allowed to happen.

Who’s involved? Corey La Barrie was a popular and beloved YouTuber who sadly passed away as a result of a car accident on May 10. Tayler Holder is a TikTok star with over 16 million followers on the app.

What’s the tea? People were left angry and upset after Tayler announced his new merch, using the slogan ‘Under Appreciated’ with a very particular design. People immediately noticed that the logo actually belonged to Corey, and was an exact copy.

After the backlash reached an extreme height, Tayler released a video alongside Corey’s brother Jared and his dad Simon, in which he said “I just want to say that from the bottom of my heart I’m so sorry for anyone that I affected with this and upset it was by far never my intentions with this. Corey is a very very close friend of mine. He’s like family to me. We were teaming up on this, it was a thing that me, and Jared, and Simon had been talking about for the past few months.”

Corey’s dad went on to say “Wow, you guys are the best. We’re not saying it was wrong you thought what you did was right but this shows how much love there was for Corey.” Tayler announced that they would be holding off on the merch release for the time being.

Read the whole story here.

The past week has certainly not been a calm one. With a huge variety of drama causing some bumps in the road for many, the internet world is seemingly permanently turbulent. Do you think Charli and Dixie deserved so much backlash for winning? Was the Kanye West episode of the Joe Rogan experience overhyped? Did Jake Paul really punch a car or is there something more to the story? Let us know what you think on @DexertoTrending and share your thoughts.

Watch this space, as next week we’ll be back with another round up of the week’s most significant drama!