Pokimane hits back at Twitch viewers taking “creepy” clips during streams

Virginia Glaze
Pokimane speaks to the camera during a video.

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is one of Twitch’s most popular broadcasters with a huge fanbase, but she’s hitting out at those in her audience who take “creepy” clips during her streams — some of which end up being the most viewed videos on her channel.

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As one of the net’s biggest broadcasting platforms, it stands to reason that Twitch is home to a hive of different communities, from everything to ASMRtists and body painters — but some unwholesome users are taking advantage of female streamers on the site in a negative way.

It’s not unusual to visit a woman’s Twitch channel only to find a widely-viewed clip in her videos section that seems rather odd for it’s view-count; generally, these clips will show the streamer bending over or standing up from her chair to walk away.

Commonly called “creep clips,” these short videos are made with the sole intention of showing the streamer in a sexual light, giving other viewers a specific glimpse at a woman’s derriere when she stands up from her chair (or various other positions).

Pokimane talks to the camera.
Pokimane is one of Twitch’s most popular streamers, but she’s had enough of “creepy” viewers taking ill-intentioned clips from her broadcasts.

Taken from objectively innocent streams, these clips put a dark spin on an otherwise normal interaction, and women across the platform are speaking out against the practice; namely, QuarterJade and Pokimane.

In a Tweet published on October 15, QuarterJade — who boasts an impressive 351,000 followers on Twitch — hit out at those who make such clips in a very pointed way.

“If you are the type of loser that clips when I walk away from my cam, bend over, etc… F**K YOUUUUUU,” she wrote. “I’m so sick of you stupid perverts and I hope your p***s gets stuck in a lawn mower.”

Another user replied to Jade’s Tweet by suggesting she merely switch to an “away” screen when standing up, arguing that “it’s not rocket science,” which prompted a heated response from Pokimane.

“Why do we, as female streamers, need to work around the creeps in our chat?” Poki wrote. “Especially in regular and far from sexual scenarios, like standing up from our chairs lol.”

With many female streamers complaining of stalking happening both on and off Twitch, the collective outrage against “creep clips” is steadily rising, an issue that many users hope the platform looks into very soon.

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