Nadeshot says he’d “switch lives” with Valkyrae to be “relevant” again

nadeshot with orange cap on during we three thieves videoYouTube: 100 Thieves

100 Thieves founder Nadeshot revealed that he would “change lives” with co-owner Valkyrae, joking that it would help him feel like he’s relevant again.

From Optic Gaming Call of Duty League team captain to founder of 100 Thieves, Nadeshots popularity has continued to grow over the years.

Although he’s taken a step back since his CDL days, he’s continued to be a part of the Call of Duty League with his own team, the LA Thieves, who recently took home the 2022 CDL Championships.

During a recent episode of ‘We Three Thieves’ on YouTube, Nadeshot revealed that he’d “switch lives” with co-owner Valkyrae, joking that it would help him feel “relevant” again.

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Nadeshot on why he’d “switch lives” with Valkyrae

During the July 18 upload, Nadeshot, JHB, and Nadeshots assistant JoeyK were asked what content creator they would like to switch lives with for a day, and why.

JHB revealed he would switch with Fuslie, while JoeyK wanted to switch with Nicewigg. When it got to Nadeshot, he said Valkyrae.

“I wanna feel what it’s like to be relevant again. I had it a few years ago when I was competing with Optic,” he explained.

“She has a stan community. I felt like my community was just the boys kicking it at the lunch table but Rae’s got rockstar status.”

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(Topic starts at 4:22 in the video)

Nadeshot went on to mention that Valkyrae has been in a variety of music videos as well.

Over the last year, she has stood in for Corpse Husband for his song with Machine Gun Kelly, appeared in the background of Jae Park’s debut solo single, and most recently took part in Bella Poarch’s latest music video for Dolls.

However, with nearly three million followers on Twitter alone and being the name behind one of the biggest content organizations to exist… it’s safe to say Nadeshot doesn’t have to worry about being relevant.

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