Myth takes hilarious jab at xQc’s Among Us rants with perfect impression

Myth playing Among Us with xQcInstagram: Myth / InnerSloth / Instagram: xqcow1

TSM’s Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani has struck gold once again as his near-flawless impersonation of fellow streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel blew the lobby away in a recent Among Us stream.

Among Us has taken Twitch by storm over the past few weeks as many of the biggest personalities have flocked to the title. While xQc was initially leading the charge in terms of viewership, Myth has always been close behind, streaming to thousands of viewers on a near-daily basis. 

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One thing Myth has built a reputation for as a result of the Among Us hype: impressions. From others in his lobby to random Twitch personalities, he’s never afraid of taking on the voice of someone else. Naturally, that comes in handy in a game all about getting players on your side.

While Myth has adopted the tone and delivery of xQc in the past, his latest delivery might be the most impressive yet.

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From Amaz to Dakotaz, every other streamer in the lobby was left stunned.

With a new round having only just kicked off, two players were killed in the opening round. With eight others in the lobby, anyone could have been an imposter. When questioned on his positioning, Myth was asked to explain himself in xQc’s voice.

“Ok dude… so listen,” he said without hesitation. Immediately his voice had changed up, the pace of his speech was completely different, even how loud he spoke was different in order to match xQc.

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As others laughed over his speech, he raised his voice to stop them all, just like the Canadian streamer would. “How would I get to Medbay?” Myth asked, taking intentional pauses between almost every word. “It makes zero sense. Ok dude, vote me off dude, I give up, this lobby is ridiculous dude.”

After voting for himself to complete the impression, everyone else in the lobby chimed in with some serious praise. “That was really good, you should have been xQc for Halloween.” One player even unmuted their microphone to give Myth credit for his acting chops. “That was the best thing I’ve ever heard.”

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Among Us gameplayInnerSloth
All of the biggest streamers have been playing Among Us lately but Myth might have the best impressions to throw lobbies off.

While the impression itself was amusing, it actually worked in his favor as well. While some players may have been suspicious at the start, the self-vote bait led to everyone else skipping their votes.

Myth, or should we say xQc, survived through to the next round as a result.

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