Joe Rogan called “two-faced” to Kanye West after old clips go viral

Kanye and Joe RoganJoe Rogan, YouTube

Popular podcast host Joe Rogan has been accused of being “fake” in his three-hour interview with Grammy-award winning artist Kanye West, after old clips of him being critical of the rapper resurfaced online.

After Joe Rogan and Kanye West first revealed they would be doing a podcast together, it was delayed on multiple occasions. But they finally sat down together on October 24, to record the highly-anticipated JRE episode, which lasted for just under three hours.

While the podcast episode was a hit, racking up over 10 million views in a week, and remaining on top of YouTube’s trending tab, a video compiling old takes from Joe Rogan about Kanye has spread.

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Kanye West and Joe RoganJoe Rogan, Instagram
Joe Rogan and Kanye West finally recorded a podcast together, after delaying the episode on multiple occasions.

The podcast saw the pair cover a large variety of topics, such as Kanye’s decision to run as a presidential candidate, his struggles with the music industry, his plans for the future, and even Star Wars.

Joe Rogan was quite agreeable throughout the episode, only stopping to challenge the rapper on certain topics, but he has now received backlash for his approach, with some calling him “fake.”

Shortly after the podcast was released, one YouTuber Crying Shark compiled clips from previous JRE episodes with snippets from the latest podcast, highlighting Rogan’s difference in opinion about Kanye.

The old clips featured Rogan commenting on Kanye and his controversies in recent years, in some parts even mocking the star for his decision making or struggles with the media.

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There are plenty of comments on the compilation video criticizing the podcast host. Some viewers even called him “two-faced” and “arrogant” for being friendly with Yeezy founder during the show.

It is worth noting that many viewers have also defended Rogan, adding that many of the clips taken from previous interviews were years old and that he may have now changed his opinion on the rapper.

In previous podcasts, Joe Rogan revealed that he has had numerous phone calls with Kanye West prior to him appearing on the show but it is still unclear just how friendly the two are off-camera.

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