Myth slams rumors of Hasan bringing him on Twitch stream to “use” him

André González Rodríguez
Myth reacts to Hasan narrative
Twitch: Myth

Twitch streamer Ali “Myth” Kabbani addressed rumors of Hasan bringing him on stream to “use” him. 

On December 13, Twitch streamer Hasan was banned for using the word “cracker” on stream. This was his third ban from the Amazon-owned company. 

The ban garnered a lot of attention, both from other streamers and viewers alike. This didn’t stop Hasan though, as he continued to take jabs at Twitch’s decision

Due to the amount of attention his ban received, viewers began to scrutinize Hasan’s every move. This included his streams with Myth.

TSM Myth selfie
Instagram: tsm_myth
Myth has been on Hasan’s streams regularly.

Myth slams rumors of Hasan using him for Twitch streams

On a December 23 live stream, Myth decided to address the narrative pertaining to Hasan bringing him on to his streams, saying, “I’m gonna need you guys to stop thinking that Hasan is only bringing me on stream because I’m Black.”

The Twitch streamer explained how the narrative makes him “uncomfortable,” saying he doesn’t “think of that” when around Hasan. 

That wasn’t all though, as Myth continued to explain that the narrative makes him uncomfortable.

 “It’s weird to even think about that, that you guys think that my friend of mine is using me as like a token Black person,” he said. 

Myth later replied to one of his chat’s comments that insinuated it was “convenient for Myth and other streamers to join Hasan during his broadcasts. “We’ve had this streamed planned before he got banned,” Myth said. 

Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that Myth is growing tired of the narrative surrounding himself and Hasan and has decided to put a stop to it, for good.