MrBeast wants to be YouTube CEO after Susan Wojcicki steps down

MrBeast in Mercedes Benz shirt next to YouTube logoMrBeast

YouTube star Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson wants to step in and take over as the platform’s CEO following Susan Wojcicki’s exit – and plenty of folks are on board with the idea.

Plenty of content creators have come and gone over the last few years, but Susan Wojcicki has been a constant for YouTube as the platform’s CEO. 

On February 16, after 25 years with YouTube, nine of those coming as CEO, Wojcicki confirmed that she was stepping down from her role to “start a new chapter” with her family. She has since been replaced by Neal Mohan, who was previously YouTube’s Chief Product Officer. 

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Wojcicki’s exit came as a big blow for many creators, with plenty of them paying tribute to the job she’s done over the last decade. Though, MrBeast took the opportunity to angle for her job. 

MrBeast wants to become YouTube CEO

That’s right, the social media superstar, who has become the most-subscribed YouTuber after usurping Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg, wants to run the company. 

Following confirmation from Wojcicki that she would be stepping down from the CEO role, MrBeast floated a simple question out on Twitter: “Can I be CEO.”

Plenty of his fellow content creators stated that they’d back him if he was serious, though others suggested that he should make it the prize of one of his upcoming challenge videos. 

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It’s not the first time Donaldson has angled for a pretty big role just by asking the question. He got Elon Musk to agree to give him the keys to Twitter if anything happens to the South African business magnate. 

Of course, it’s unlikely that he gets to sit in either of the big chairs that he desires, but he would truly run the internet if he had any control over Twitter and YouTube.