MrBeast reveals wild plans for final video in event of his death

MrBeast reveals wild plan for last video everYouTube: FLAGRANT

YouTube star MrBeast already knows what his final video will be in the event of his death and revealed the eyebrow-raising concept during an episode of Andrew Schulz’s ‘Flagrant’ podcast.

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is arguably one of the most popular content creators on YouTube.

Boasting well over 100 million subscribers (second only to PewDiePie), MrBeast has risen in the ranks with his viral videos, extreme challenges, and outside business ventures like MrBeast Burger and his Feastables chocolate bars.

MrBeast is perpetually in a race to one-up himself, to see what he can do bigger or better in his next video… but his last video ever might trump all of his previous uploads.

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mrbeast private islandMrBeast (Instagram)
MrBeast has literally given away private islands on his channel.

Donaldson sat down with comedian Andrew Schulz for an episode of the Flagrant podcast when he revealed his plans for his final video, which will be uploaded after his passing.

MrBeast already knows what his final video will be when he dies

The YouTuber explained that, should he pass away, he’ll conscript three of his closest friends — Chandler, Karl Jacobs, and Chris — who will automatically enter into a challenge where the last to keep their hand on his tombstone will win his channel.

He also revealed that he has an entire “game plan” with written instructions on how to proceed with the challenge once he passes away, which he said he may have to update to include two more participants.

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He clarified that the challenge would likely take place “somewhere private” rather than an impressive vista like Egypt, as suggested by Schulz.

“That is happening,” MrBeast confirmed. “Mark my words. I don’t know if I’ve really said it publicly — I tweeted it one time — but I’m serious. I don’t give a f**k how much you guys are crying. Put their f**king hands on the tombstone and give the channel to whoever wins, okay?”

“Don’t bully them for it! They’re just doing what I want.”

(Topic begins at 10:52)

MrBeast says he plans to continue his YouTube career for at least “the next ten years” — and considering his current success both off and on the platform, there’s no telling where his channel will end up when he finally reaches that point.

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