MrBeast reveals his ultimate goal on YouTube after hitting 100 million subs

Emma Hill
MrBeast talking to the camera during I Gave My '100,000,000th Subscriber An Island' video

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson might be one of the biggest stars on the platform, but the YouTube star isn’t done yet, revealing his plans to become the first creator to hit one billion followers.

After a slow start on YouTube, MrBeast‘s career has skyrocketed since 2017 thanks to his explosive and money-fuelled content.

Picking up over 100 million subscribers as of writing, he’s even quickly catching up to his YouTube idol Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg, who currently has 111 million subs.

However, MrBeast still wants to go even bigger, setting his sights on an even more mind-blowing figure. While it might seem like an ambitious idea, he has a lot of plans lines up to help him hit the one billion mark.

MrBeast reveals more YouTube channels coming soon

On August 10, MrBeast posted a series of tweets sharing his delight at just how far his YouTube career has come since he started back in 2012.

When asked whether he believes he’ll “always be the face” of his channel, MrBeast replied: “Of course, I want to be the first person to get a billion followers.”

He revealed that one of the ways he plans to get there is by adding a “couple more” languages to his content sometime in the month of August 2022. With his videos already helping him pull in the views by being produced in numerous languages, including Arabic, French, and Spanish, fans welcomed the idea.

MrBeast previously opened up to podcaster Joe Rogan about his “brilliant” business strategy. He explained that by translating and dubbing his content into other languages, he could branch out to viewers from non-English speaking countries and pull in more views.

The method has evidently gone on to work out perfectly for him. In his thread of tweets, he also revealed just how well his content has been doing around the globe. For instance, his Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory recreation picked 21 million views from Spanish-speaking fans.

Becoming the first YouTuber ever hit 1 billion subscribers seems like an impossible task. Although, as MrBeast has proven time and time again, he’s not afraid to make the impossible possible.

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