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Joe Rogan blown away by MrBeast’s “brilliant” YouTube plan with foreign channels

Published: 8/Mar/2022 7:00 Updated: 8/Mar/2022 6:16

by Brad Norton


Joe Rogan was shocked by Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson’s “crazy” YouTube strategy that sees his main channel videos translated into other languages, calling it a “brilliant idea.”

Rogan is no stranger to finding success on the internet. With one of the biggest podcasts in the world today, his content is consumed by millions around the world every week. Prior to the Spotify move, YouTube happened to be one of his biggest platforms with over 12 million subscribers on his ‘PowerfulJRE’ channel alone.

Yet even Rogan was blown away when YouTube star MrBeast joined the show and revealed his strategy. While his main channel is currently the fifth biggest on the video-sharing platform with over 90 million subscribers, it’s a drop in the bucket compared to his overall reach.


“Across everything, we’re closing in on 200 million subscribers,” he said, much to Rogan’s surprise. This immense growth comes largely as a result of his efforts in “other languages,” MrBeast explained.

MrBeast channels
Even content from MrBeast’s gaming and react channels have been translated into other languages.

While videos may begin purely in English with the usual cast of characters seen across his channel, MrBeast has recently gone to the effort of hitting new audiences around the globe. 

From French to Russian, much of his content can now be found in multiple languages on YouTube. The internet celeb even teased a popular anime voice actor will be leading the way for his upcoming Japanese channel.


“These are the exact same videos on my main channel. We pay voice actors to dub over them, we translate the text, everything,” he said. “Wow,” Rogan responded multiple times, visibly stunned by the approach.

“That is so smart,” he continued, “that’s a brilliant idea. I love it.” Having never considered the strategy before, Rogan called MrBeast a “very wise” content creator, especially “for a young man.”

While it’s unclear if future JRE episodes may be translated down the line given Rogan’s praise, he was undoubtedly intrigued by the idea.

Diving into MrBeast’s strategies on the platform, Rogan had nothing but respect for his mentality and his hunger for growth. “It’s not dumb luck,” as he put it.


“It sounds like you were just [working] all day, every day, which makes sense.”

Now one of the biggest stars on the platform, MrBeast revealed he employs over 100 staff, to which Rogan was once again shocked: “That’s crazy.”