MrBeast gives away mega Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory replica in insane challenge

mrbeast-willy-wonkaYouTube: MrBeast

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson finally revealed his replica Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory, and after putting Golden Ticket holders through a series of challenges, he gave it away (for a moment).

MrBeast’s fans have been going wild ever since he offered a sneak peek at the replica Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory he was building for his next YouTube video.

The hype grew even more after he announced Gordon Ramsay would be involved somehow.

The video finally dropped on June 4, and similar to the plot of the classic tale, it revolved around pitting golden ticket holders against each other across a series of challenges inside the factory for a chance to win it.

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Gordon Ramsay standing next to MrBeast dressed as Willy WonkaTwitter: MrBeast
Gordon Ramsay teamed up with MrBeast in his Willy Wonka Factory video.

For the first challenge, the Golden Ticket holders played hide-and-seek inside the factory, revealing all of its stunning features. This included chocolate rivers and waterfalls, a marshmallow room, and a whole lot more.

After that, they rock-climbed a wall made entirely from candy, had a race to see who could gobble the most chocolate, and had a crack at tossing gigantic Mentos mints into the world’s largest Coca-Cola bottle.

Next, they competed against each other in a balance endurance test and had to pick from a row of toilets to see which ones were real and which one was made from cake, bringing the total number of survivors left to three.

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In the final challenge, they duked it out in a classic cook-off where they had to create Willy Wonka-themed dishes that were judged by none other than Gordon Ramsay himself, which determined the winner.

MrBeast handed the ecstatic winner the deed to the factory. However, after explaining that it would cost an absurd amount of money to maintain the factory, MrBeast offered to buy back the deed for $500,000, and the winner accepted.

It was another action-packed thrill ride from start to finish, and much like MrBeast’s Squid Game challenge, it was an enormous hit among fans, drawing more than ten million views on the first day alone.

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