MrBeast pitches Netflix, Disney, other streamers on massive game show idea

Virginia Glaze

YouTube star MrBeast is publicly calling on Disney, Netflix, and other major streaming services, hoping to host a massive game show with the “largest prize” in history.

25-year-old Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is the single most-subscribed independent creator on YouTube and one of the internet’s biggest social media icons.

He’s best known for his over-the-top challenge videos with huge cash prizes, big-budget recreations of famous shows and films, and, of course, his charitable endeavors and generous giveaways (which include everything from actual gold bars to Teslas).

Essentially, MrBeast is the Santa Claus of YouTube… and with an audience of over 156 million fans, it looks like he’s wanting to take his channel to the next level.

MyBeast poses for a dramatic selfie.
MrBeast is YouTube’s most-subscribed creator – and he wants to take his internet exploits to the next level.

MrBeast calls on Disney, Netflix for massive game show

On June 1, MrBeast took to Twitter to reveal that he’s been considering creating a game show with the “largest prize” in the TV genre’s history.

“I want to test what I do on YouTube on a streaming service for fun to see how it performs,” he wrote. “Imagine a 10 episode series with 10,000 people competing for the largest prize in game show history.”

That’s not all; it looks like Donaldson is pretty serious about this idea, as he publicly tagged major streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney, Max (formerly HBO Max), and even Peacock to let them know he’s open for a potential deal.

“Who wants to make history?” he asked.

This would be a major leap for Donaldson, but not an unusual one; the YouTuber has been hosting wild games and challenges on his channel for years now, one of his latest being a contest between one hundred people aged 1-100.

It’s clear that he’s got a ton of ideas under his belt — and with a reported net worth of $54 million and an audience in the hundred millions, it’d be more shocking if he doesn’t receive an offer in the near future.

This news follows MrBeast’s mysterious collaboration with PewDiePie, marking the first time YouTube’s most-subscribed creators actually linked up for an unexpected meeting that drove fans wild.

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