MrBeast stuns waitresses after tipping with actual gold bars

Virginia Glaze

Popular YouTuber Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is known for giving away generous amounts of cash, as seen in his viral Twitch donation and “free store” videos – but now, he’s putting a different spin on his charitable side, by using actual gold bars.

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MrBeast uploaded a video to YouTube on June 21, where he tipped waitresses using a variety of expensive items, including such goodies as gaming consoles, HD TVs, laptops, and even legitimate gold bars.

The YouTuber explained that each gold bar was worth up to $160,000 each – but he couldn’t give the full-sized bars away, on the outset.

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Instead, MrBeast began his generous gratuity with miniature gold bars, which were worth up to $7,000 each.

“I know it’s tiny, but gold is expensive,” MrBeast humorously explained, going on to leave one of the miniature bars as a tip on top of a napkin which read, “$7K in gold.

MrBeast and crew hopped from restaurant to restaurant ordering nothing but water (and sometimes breadsticks), leaving behind a trail of expensive items in their wake, which made one waitress “kind of want to cry” after receiving $1,000 in cash.

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“I have tables to serve, I can’t cry,” another waitress claimed after collecting one of the $7k mini gold bars as her tip. “I don’t remember how to do my job.”

That’s not all: MrBeast even asked a pizza delivery man to pull over on the road, giving him one of the miniature gold bars as thanks for his service – a tip that the driver claimed would help him buy a new car.

Of course, the fun wasn’t finished, just yet. MrBeast went on to challenge his crew for even more cash, presenting them with an array of unsavory foods for a chance at winning the big bucks.

YouTube: MrBeastMrBeast challenged his crew for some extra cash, which resulting in some less-than-savory reactions.

This wouldn’t be the first time MrBeast has gone out of his way to make someone’s day, by far.

The YouTuber has a wide variety of such videos, and even hopes to open a homeless shelter or food bank in the future, although no concrete plans for the venture have yet been revealed.

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